Not All Awnings Are Created Equal

Bringing your patio, porch or deck the shade it highly values, retractable awnings are both easy to operate and convenient. With a simple push of a button, you can go from basking in the sun to enjoying the breeze.

With the ability to not only block nearly all of the sun’s dangerous UV rays, but Aristocrat Awnings also decrease the amount of sunlight that enters your house. Reducing the fading to the interior furnishings and treatments to your windows are at the top of the list of the many benefits retractable awning offer, in addition, to bring shade while looking amazing.

An Awning Design for Every Home

Manufactured by experts, each awning is customized and designed to fit your specifications. You can choose from the variety of sizes, models, accessories, and options that we offer. You can turn to an authorized dealer in your area to assisting you in determining which awning best suits the desires and needs you have.

Choose from one of our six model options:

Estate: The model most popular of all that we offer, the Estate Awning protects you and your family from the harmful rays and heat from the sun over patios and decks in wide range of sizes.

Estate Slim-fit: Squeezing a significant amount of shade to smaller areas, this model is designed and engineered to be over in smaller than average spaces. The width of mounting space not compromising the Estate Slim-fit’s projection, retracting it sees the arms cross over one another.

Estate XLP: Designed for large patios and decks, this model is designed for more protection than others, with its projection reaching over 16 feet. Telescoping legs may be required to add support, but it allows the comfort can be enjoyed by more people.

Manor: The best option for lakeside or beachfront homes, the Manor has a tray and hood to support the fabric. This keeps it clear of debris and dirt. When not in use, a full cassette is included to protect the material.

Villa: Available in smaller mounting widths, this model protects the fabric when not in use with a full cassette much like the Manor. The Villa does not need the same amount of support for its frame, due in part to having the type of frame support than other models.

Eko: While the Eko may be available with fewer options in size, it does offer a large number of the same benefits and features our other models. This model provides quality shade at an affordable price.

Click Here to view full technical information for each model.

Aristocrat Retractable Awnings are built to last.

We design and engineer each of our awnings to give you the best product we can that is durable, yet still highly attractive. First introducing window shades in 1986, at Aristocrat Awnings, we quickly garnered a reputation throughout the industry for our excellence in manufacturing and years, have been regarded as top experts of retractable awnings design, installation, and production. Keeping up with every change in the technology of awning, we continue to update training methods and pride ourselves on our canopies functioning seamlessly. Offering a limited lifetime warranty on awning frames and 12 years on the fabrics from Northport, we stand behind each awning we make.

All of our Retractable Awnings offer:

  • hundreds of fabric options to choose from
  • three mounting options: roof, soffit and wall,
  • smooth, stealth operation
  • manual or electric operation
  • all electric awning enable smartphone/tablet technology,
  • professionally installed by your local authorized dealer
  • custom manufacturing
  • Maintenance-Free products
  • The fabric is exclusively sewn and guaranteed against rot and mildew.
  • limited lifetime warranty on awning frames
  • 12-year warranty on Northport series fabrics

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