Many of us are spending a lot of time at home these days. Since the warmer days are upon us, we need the knowledge on how to improve our outdoor living life and find the best outdoor décor for the days that involve the patio living lifestyle.

Awnings are the perfect way to bring curb appeal to your home and spice up your backyard.

Here are a few awning types that will make your space pop!

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awning

A retractable awning is a great addition to your outdoor décor because of its versatility. This type of awning allows you to have it used in its full capacity to provide you with shade and weather protection, or it can fully retract, making it non-visible.

You can also add a wind sensor to ensure that your awning is properly retracted without having to worry about it when you’re away from your home.

Canopy Outdoor Awnings

Canopy Awning

Canopy awnings are durable and made with the highest quality to bring that curb appeal to your property. There are many different sizes and colours to match your aesthetic, and each of these canopy awnings protects your window from the outdoor elements.

Canopy awnings are also often used for businesses to help them achieve personalized style while simultaneously separating themselves from the competition to make their business unique.

Window Awnings

Window Awning for Home

With home window awnings, you are in full control of the sunlight that enters your home. This addition is fully adjustable and can drop down 160 degrees or disappear when it is not in use. Home window awnings can also help keep your air conditioning bill down by blocking out the heat.

Window awnings add a stylish touch to the exterior of your home, while also being extremely functional.

Window Screens

Window Screen Awning on Home

For those who are unsure if they want an awning or not, window screens from Revive Outdoor Living are a great alternative. These screens ensure privacy, have wind-tight durability and UV protection that will not compromise your view.

Finding Your Perfect Awning

Awnings are amazing for staying cool, lowering home heating bills, distinguishing homes and businesses, and protecting you against harmful UV rays and the elements. There are many ways that you can customize an awning to suit your outdoor decor style. With hundreds of fabric options and awning types, the possibilities are endless! There is an awning for every type of home and business.