Outdoor living can be a great way to live a healthy lifestyle. Taking your activities outdoors can do a lot for your health, both physically and mentally. There are so many benefits that directly relate to the amount of time you spend outdoors and its relation to living a healthy lifestyle. Here are some great ways to spend your time outdoors and the great things it will do for you!  

How Much Time Should I Spend Outdoors in Nature? 

No set amount of time will classify you as living a healthy lifestyle relating to the time spent outdoors. However, if you can aim to spend about an hour or so outside doing various activities, you will notice a difference in your overall mood and energy levels. The more time you can spend outdoors, the better. Plus, who doesn’t love to hear the nature sounds…they are so calming! 

Vitamin D Benefits for a Healthy Lifestyle  

Many people wonder how much vitamin D per day should an individual get, and why? Vitamin D is labeled as the “sunshine vitamin” because your skin can absorb the sunshine which produces Vitamin D. It is essential for strong bones and healthy muscles, heart, brain, lungs, and immune system. It’s a simple way to get your vitamins and allows you to spend less time indoors, and more time outdoors. You only need about 20-30 minutes of being outside while the sun is at its peak to reach a good amount of Vitamin D absorption for the day. Spending this time outdoors can help you live a healthier lifestyle in the easiest way possible.  

How Physical Activity Helps Mental Health 

There are so many benefits to adding some physical activity into your daily routine. It can greatly improve your mental health due to the boost of endorphins you get from being active. It is also a great way to focus on yourself and take some time off of your daily worries and stresses. Sometimes the thought of physical activity can be daunting to many individuals, but it doesn’t have to be a scary thing! You can do something as simple as go for a nature walk, do yoga on your back deck, or do some resistance training to build your strength. Keeping your body active will help with both your mental and physical health and bringing those activities outdoors will increase your serotonin levels! 

How Nature Helps Us 

Nature helps us in a variety of ways and spending a lot of time immersed in is great for living a healthy lifestyle. Nature heals by lifting your stress, anger, or fears away from you while leaving you with a good feeling inside. It can reduce your blood pressure and muscle tension with its calm and relaxing atmosphere. We can become absorbed by nature, and it can distract us from other things happening in the world. Spending time in nature positively impacts our moods and has virtually no downside.  

Improve your Lifestyle by Spending Time Outdoors 

Getting outdoors is great for improving your healthy lifestyle for a variety of reasons, including the listed factors above. It doesn’t have to be complicated for it to be effective, if you can get outside for a short amount of time each day, your life will greatly improve. Spend some time outdoors and watch how it positively impacts your life!  

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