There are so many reasons why awnings are the perfect addition to your backyard, but what are the advantages of retractable awnings? Due to the large selection of awning types, making a decision can be hard. Here are the top 4 reasons to buy a retractable awning!

1. Your retractable awning will stay clean

Having the ability to retract your awning is great when it comes to keeping it clean. Whenever you deem it necessary, you can retract your awning until you’d like to use it again. Whether you do it every night, or only in poor weather situations, the choice is yours!

2. Your awning will block the sun when you want

One of the best parts of an awning is its ability to block the sun. However, the retractable awning is amazing because you can decide when to block the sun, and when you’d like to bask in it. You are in full control of the protection that you want.

3. You won’t worry about your retractable awning in a storm

The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm and realize your awning is still fully out and about to blow away. With a retractable awning, you can prepare for the weather and tuck it away, keeping it safe. To top it all off, adding a Revive Outdoor Living wind sensor can take out the step of putting it away and retract it for you. How convenient?!

4. Awnings can cool your home

Did you know that having a retractable awning can lower your home cooling bill? Having the protection from the UV rays that produce a lot of heat can significantly lower the dollars spent for you. You can keep cool both inside the house and out.

There are so many benefits!

Retractable awnings are a great idea for adding an appealing element to your backyard while enhancing your everyday life. Awnings can protect you from the elements, save you money on your cooling bills, and provide you with an amazing patio element while entertaining friends and family. With Revive Outdoor Living, your quality awning is built to last, and sure to benefit your relaxation time.