You’ve made the decision to get an awning and you’re ready to spend the summer season outdoors. After selecting the location and colour of your awning, you now must decide: to retract, or not to retract! At Revive Outdoor Living, we understand that it isn’t always such an easy choice, and with hundreds of happy customers and installs over the years, we’re here to share some helpful information to make your awning movement decision as easy as possible! 


Retractable Awnings 

Shade and sun at the push of a button – isn’t that what we all want?! With a retractable awning you can control how little or how much sunlight reaches your backyard or home anytime! Not only does this help control the temperature of your backyard on hot days, but it also lets you welcome the warm winter sun during those colder Canadian months. Another plus about controlling the shade is that you can actually reduce your heating or cooling bill by blocking UV rays entering your home.  

Retractable awnings typically have a longer life span due to the flexibility of their materials. Designed to expand and retract, these awnings offer more give and do not wear out nearly as fast as stationary or fixed awnings.  

Retractable awnings also come in handy when a storm hits. Instead of waiting to assess the damage, with a retractable banner you can keep calm knowing your awning can be safely secured and stored away easily. As an added bonus, Revive Outdoor Living offers a FREE wind sensor with your installation* meaning you can secure your awning with the push of a button! (*Some conditions apply – call us for more information). 

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Stationary (Fixed) Awnings 

If you’re looking for shade all the time in a specific area or are looking for a permanent solution to too much sun, a stationary or fixed awning may be a better decision for you. Traditionally, stationary awnings are built onto the structure of the home and remain open during their lifespan. While this is convenient for those who always want their awning open, they generally require more maintenance than retractable awnings.  

If you live in a hot climate, stationary awnings can help block out UV rays and keep your house cooler, but if you experience Canadian winters like we do, blocking out UV rays will keep you in the dark (and cold) all winter long increasing your heating bill.  

Stationary awnings are also a great choice if you’re looking to protect your deck. Blocking UV rays from your deck not only helps to keep it beautiful for longer, but it significantly decreases the temperature of the covered space creating a cool zone for you, your guests, and your pets!  

For additional information on selecting the right residential awning, visit our Residential page! 


No matter which awning type you choose, if you’re ready to add charm, style, and comfort to your backyard, call Craig at Revive Outdoor Living today! Craig is extremely knowledgeable in backyard solutions and is happy to lend his expertise to make recommendations for your customized awning to suit your needs and backyard vision.